The Lost Sheep – Short story by Geoff Cronin

GREAT STORY! Anyone who has “reasched bottom” . . . LOOK UP! It is the best and only way to go! Thank You, Mrs. Cronin for sharing. Kudos to your really smart Father-in-Law. HAPPY EASTER.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Easter is a religious festival and in Geoffrey Cronin’s second book The Black Bitch And Other Stories he has one or two tales that fit the bill. For those who do not celebrate Easter, this story also reminds us that we have to sometimes reach out a hand to accept kindness from a stranger.

The Lost Sheep, apart from anything reminds us that however dreadful we feel our life is, we can still move forward. And, as I have always believed, there are Guardian Angels.

The Lost Sheep by Geoff Cronin

The clock in the railway station said five minutes to nine. The express would be thundering through at nine o’clock and would be followed by the intercity at ten past.

The ticket she now fingered in her pocket would take her to her home town on the intercity, but that was not her intention.

The little voice in…

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